Live at Fantasy Studios (Sampler)

by Alma Desnuda

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Recorded live before an audience of 30 close friends and family at legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA on January 8th, 2013

Alma Desnuda is Chris Bryden (Vocals, Guitar), Paul Suhr (Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele), Tony Glaser (Upright Bass, Vocals) and Joe Glaser (Drums, Cajón, Percussion).


released March 13, 2013

Executive Producer: Jeffery Wood
Engineer: Adam Muñoz
Producer: Charlie Wilson
Mixed and Mastered by Sonic Zen Records

Special Thanks: Jeffery Wood, Sandy Calman, Theresa Champagne, Jon Leister and all the Naked Souldiers who blessed the night with love and "Ooh Suh Ha's"



all rights reserved


Alma Desnuda San Francisco, California

We are best friends living our passion - making music and living in a way that is congruent with our most genuine sense of self. We call this: naked soul.

Alma Desnuda is California Acoustic Soul, rootsy, folky, funky rock from the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Track Name: Jamalma
Track Name: Spiderwebs
The things I can't let go of
Show me places where I'm stuck
Like spiderwebs they tie me up
And keep me trapped to an image of myself

The selves I am emerge from selves
Buried deep within a set of selves
Matrushka doll the truth it always
Comes whispering in my inner ear

I'm not a musician nor am I entertaining
You can only see me clearly
When you see what I am not

No adjectives define me
They are just a technique that we use
So we don't really have to see each other clear
Track Name: Stroll
A jar of honey in one hand
A guitar in the other
I walk down the snowy street
in the part where the snow is not
my walk is steady
I watch my town pass by

All the lives I've lived
seem like dreams to me in retrospect
I wonder where they've gone
where they reside
it's someplace else
now that I'm gone
now that I've hit the road

As I stroll on down

There's ladies on the street corner selling different things
when I look at my life in certain ways I'm in the 70s
and that is strange
cause I was born in 82

The poet is one but so is the janitor
if you stop to watch the street life you'll see unfolding poetry
I talk to strangers
and then they're not so strange
And then they're not so strange
man life can be so strange

As I stroll on down

Confusion flutters up
like pigeons in the park
the realizations come to me in droves I wonder what I should do with them and I say
I know I'm not the only one

I'm seeking a new form
a way to weave a thread
into the things
that constitute my life
yes I am seeking every day
I keep my head up
as I stroll on down my street

As I stroll on down
As I stroll on down
Track Name: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high.
There's a land that I dream of once in a lullabye.
Oh somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then oh why can't I?

Some day I'll wish upon a star.
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops that's where
You'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then oh why can't I?